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              Be the Revolution            

Be Weird, Wild, and Wonderful
Be the Revolution  

Awaken Your True Potential,
Live Your Best Life.

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Ecstatic Dance
Sound Healing
Guided Meditations


Welcome, this site is undergoing huge and exciting,  changes. Updates will be  happening regularly,new videos daily, and any oddities on the site will soon be corrected. Join now and lets grow together.


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A Firebrand is one who incites revolution, in this case, the spiritual revolution we must face as individuals, in order to overcome global issues. Jesse Firebrand walks this path of spiritual revolution and encourages others to do the same, in hopes this change may spread like a fire and illuminate the globe with balance, love, and reverence for life. 

Performer & Facilitator

Yoga  Instructor

A student for 20 years and a teacher for 5 years, Jesse weaves philosophy and fun into every class.  Jesse is now going online, releasing high quality classes like Fire Flow, Vinyassa, & Yin; Plus Workshops like Ecstatic Dance and Sound Healing. 
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Fire Flow yoga

 Jesse developed Fire-Flow as a way to help students get deeper into their body and become their own teacher, using intuition to turn each posture into a dance which liberates both the body and mind. 
Exercises, Meditation, and a Party!


Jesse Firebrand fights for spiritual revolution through Trance, Dance, & Primal Chant. With freestyle bars and hooks from the universe.  Surrender yourself to the cosmos on the dance floor, into visualisation, vocalisation, & vibration. Turn Up, Let Go, Transform. 

Image by Wesley Tingey

Ecstatic  Dance

A 'Silent Disco' workshop with intuitive singing, rapping, and poetry from the soul. Original electronic production mixed with live traditional instruments.

Dancing and singing are the most ancient forms of self-expression and healing.  Re-learning to love and nurture our body through movement and mind through singing, liberates us as individuals and as a culture. Come celebrate life and help co-create a world with a bright future.

Best with headphones, enjoy indigenous instruments, binaural beats, yoga, and intuitive singing; Jesse guides a journey, through the chakras, helping everyone to free their voice as a healing tool to release and empowerment. Come away transformed by the power of sound and your own voice.

Sound Healing

Image by Wesley Tingey


Jesse Firebrand is a passionate musician and yogi. With three contemporary acoustic albums, Jesse has performed around New Zealand, Australia, and his home country Canada; at Festivals around N.Z. and Australia like Mix, O’ Heart, Autumn Arena, Dimension, and the International Yoga Festival; as well as regularly  hosting his workshops at yoga studios.

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